Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Question about Civilizations 4 patch?

I just bought Civ 4 for my pc and it's been working great until today. I saw that I could download a patch off of the Civ 4 main menu, but after almost downloading the patch it gives me an error message at the very end. After the whole process is nearly complete it will just freeze at the end until I either try to minimize it's window or hit the X button at the top right. It will then tell me, 'Error 1706. No valid Source could be found for product Sid Meier's Civilization's IV. The Windows Installer Cannot continue'. After I hit ok, it tells me the update is complete. Confused, I tried to play the game anyway but after a bit of initial loading, it will cancel it's play initiation and tell me, 'Init Error. Error loading shading libraries'. So now my plan is to just uninstall the game with it's stupid patch and reinstall it while avoiding the patch in the future. I would however like to know what's going on and if there is any hope of me actually getting that full patch or not and if there was something I was doing wrong. Thanks ahead of time for any feedback!Question about Civilizations 4 patch?
Try reinstalling. Once you do, you don't have to download a patch. If you want to, check up on the website to make sure it isn't fishy.

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